January 31, 2013

Lucite Isn't Just For Stripper's Shoes....

Decorating small spaces is challenging.  Space planning & color is huge in this type of design. It's all about trickery of the eye. So how do you trick the eye to feel larger? Lucite!  Lucite is very on trend right now for interior design & is key in designing in small spaces.

How the trickery works... When your eye is able to see through something it makes the space appear larger because your eye doesn't stop. It continues on gazing over the space. Think of it like this. Dancers use shoes made of lucite,  making their legs appear longer & leaner because they look taller. 

I am crushing on lucite in designing. It is modern with a bit of contemporary but gives a dash of GLAM!  Small spaces aren't the only times to use it! Use lucite in any room with any decor. I promise ...it works! Plus you get two results in one! I mean, who doesn't like Two-fers?

 Loving Lucite!


January 28, 2013

Target Hit The Bullseye

You know when you go into a store for one thing and walk out with 10 others? That is what always happens to me in Target.

I went into Target for what was a quick in & out trip to get a plain white queen duvet cover for my own guest room. One and a half hours later and $100 more than I wanted to spend, I finally left.

Target is a great place to shop. I love their low cost high style jeans and their bathing suits are always on trend and you can't beat the prices. I have always walked through their home decor section but this last time I was very excited. With the great designers like Nate Berkus & home decor brands like Threshold there is a fresh new look to the average home decor selections. Every isle I walked down I saw something that caught my eye.  These are my top Target picks that really hit the bullseye on style.

Large Metal Hurricane

Most items you can get online & in store but some of the items sell out faster online. If there is an item you like online but it's no longer available I recommend going into your local Target to see the availability. I bout these two items from the Nate Berkus Collection in the store but they are no longer available online. 

At the great budget friendly prices Target has, the good items go quick!


January 27, 2013


I love leftovers. Not just leftovers like chinese food or mac n'cheese (although I do love them both better then next day) but textile leftovers. Fabric especially. 

I have been wanting to update the artwork I have on the wall in my office behind my desk. I wasn't really feelin' it anymore but I really didn't want to go out & purchase 2 new pieces of art so I spent 20 mins on a DIY project.

I had this shower curtain left over from a clients bathroom redo that never go used. I kept it because I loved the print but neither of our bathrooms can use curtains since they have glass doors.

  I put it with the rest of the accessories & supplies I have left over.  I thought about what art I would like in the frames and since I have black & white accessories with my sea foam color office I thought that I would put up something black & white. I do like ikat style chevron print, maybe I could......oh yeah, I have that shower curtain!

I measured out the matte in the frame placed my fabric on top. I then measured the fabric to ensure I had the right dimensions  before marking the fabric with a pen so I knew where to start cutting. 

I cut the fabric to size. It had been sitting on a shelf folded so I quickly ironed out the creases and placed the fabric in the frame face down. I ensured there was not bunching and tabbed the back of the frame shut. It was secure.

I cut another piece of fabric & repeated the steps. This is what I came up with. 

It was so quick & easy I did it again right after with another fabric for one of our guest rooms ( I already had the supplies out so why not)!

I love these fabrics. They are both modern & colorful! I still have enough of each fabric left over to make matching pillows. The things that excite me ;) 


January 26, 2013

Not Your Nana's Apothecary Jar

The word Apothecary makes me thing of the old pharmacy down the street from my grandparents house in Milton, MA. You know the one, the mothball smelling store that you would buy hubba bubba & lemon heads in while your nana talked to Mr. Wilson the pharmacist for 15 minutes about each member of the family.

Although those times are long gone, the apothecary jar is still around & now used for much more that the standard cotton balls. Here's some inspiration how you can style an apothecary jar in each room of your home. The options are endless really.

There are so many options and these glass jars can even be painted if you strictly want to use them for storage but don't want to be able to se into them! 

Just spray paint or acrylic paint them from the inside for a clean look! These by Madiganmade came out great. I am going to try this in Emerald Green!

Design Your Life! ~ G

January 25, 2013

Zhush Crush

Finding a great shop for me is better than chocolate, granted I am not a huge chocolate person but if you are than you understand the comparison I am aiming to make.

I found this store by accident. It may be one that you have already heard of but I found it on...wait for it.....PINTEREST. Shocked, no neither am I, I tend to find some great inspirations & finds on that site but this site is now listed with a few other staples in my directory for shopping.  The store is call ZHUSH pronounced JE+OOSH.

Perfect for gifting & nicknacks this store is fresh & modern with flair. I love the website colors and it's easy to navigate around. They carry lots of great brands and items that you can't find just anywhere. 

Here is my Lust List from Zhush...

Ok, I really could go on forever showing some great items that Zhush sells. They have everything from gift ideas to home accents. 

Design Your Life! ~ G

January 23, 2013


I love design on a budget, who doesn't? What I love even more is bringing your originality into these designs. I am a designer and look at furniture all day long so if I see a table in someone's home chances are I know it came from Crate & Barrel or West Elm. What I love is that I also know when pieces come from IKEA, except when they have a twist on them like these AH-MAZING IKEA hacks.....

First up, the Lack table. $7.99. I love this side table. I have 3 of them in my home. This is how you pull off the lack side table look with some corbets from Home Depot & wood glue. Sand, paint (I recommend a glossy finish) and Whallah, you got yourself a one of a kind side table that looks a lot more expensive than it is!
(House Beautiful)
My Favorite of all time is the Clayton Grey look-a-like but for $400 less!
2 tables for $14.00 and nail heads. Ikea Hackers

 Next is the Rast. For $34.99 you can completely transform this 3 drawer mini dresser into a chest for your bedroom, office or entrance way. Great for storing clothing or other items. With a little embellishments you can let your creativity flow. Here are a few of my favorite Rast Hack looks.

Rast Hacks From top to bottom: For Chic's Sake, Design Manifest, Courtney Out Loud, Jaxdoesdesign.blogspot.com

Now go ahead, I know you are going to jump to the ikea website or put on your shoes & go... GO! I'm on my way too! Maybe I'll see ya there!

Design Your Life! ~G

January 19, 2013

Adore Chambray...

It was 1993 and I was obsessed with button down shirts. My most favorite was a worn washed denim button down that I got at the Gap. I wore this shirt with jeans mostly trying to match the colors perfectly. It was what you wore as a freshman in HS because it was rad.
This look has since been labeled the "Canadian Tuxedo".  I thought I looked so cool.

Fast forward 20 years (really, it's been that long!?!?!) and I am once again in love with that denim shirt now labeled the "chambray".

My styling and fashion sense has expanded so much since those high school days and I am now pairing this button down with everything from skirts & black pants to colored denim & layering it under cozy sweaters and blazers. It is my go to item in my closet when I don't know what to wear & it has replaced a cardigan for many of my outfits. I especially adore it mixed with a bold print like leopard.

 Here are a few of my favorite looks!

Mixed with a striped maxi and a pop of red.

A short emerald green skirt & gold belt.

Cream blazer & simply gold jewelry.

White blazer & gold sequin shorts.

Black leggings/jeans & brown boots

Light gray sweater & black/dark wash jeans.

Who can deny this looks AH-MAZING. Chambray over a wedding dress with cowboy boots.

*all images taken from Pinterest. Follow my @ DDByG on Pinterest

The sky is the limit when pairing the Chambray shirt. Anything goes! 

Design Your Life!  G