April 25, 2012

Bow Ties Optional

Tuxedo's aren't just black &  white. They rarely have bows (ties) and come in a variety of colors & textures.
 Sexy with flair, some have buttons some don't. Some are streamlined and modern while others have a more  comfortable, transitional feel. I love the power statement tuxedo's make when you see one in a room.

Oh Wait,  you thought I was talking this the type of tuxedo.

 No,no, no.  The tuxedo's I am talking about are my favorite type....SOFA'S.

Chester Sofa by Council Cabanahome.com
Price upon Request

Button tufted tuxedo sofa circa mid 1950′s.
Barrister Green Velvet Sofa $1,200.91

 'Liam Sofa' by Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, $2,550

Floyd Sofa By Candice Olsen in Sante Fe Classic

Designer Billy Baldwin
This version has clean straight lines, box seat and back cushions.

You can even bring the style outdoors with this set from Allegro Classics. Price upon request.
The tuxedo sofa is thought to have first been invented in the 1920s. It derives it's name from the same town as the tuxedo. The classy town of Tuxedo Park, New York.
The tuxedo sofa is often thought of as one of the pieces that heralded the modern era of furniture. Many who own this sofa wouldn't know that is called a tuxedo sofa. 
The basic requirements of any tuxedo sofa are that the arms of the sofa are the same height as its back. This usually means that back pillows and sometimes side pillows rise about the height of both back  & arms. 
The tuxedo sofa will instantly give your living/family room an instant modern feel. If you were to pick one piece to update your drab space to look sleek &  modern, the tuxedo sofa would be the piece you need.

Design Your Life~ G

April 22, 2012


Stripes...stripes... & more stripes. I can't get enough of the stripe & nautical trend this spring/summer season. It brings a great feel & can be  casual & laid back or luxe.  This Stripe/ Nautical look isn't just for boats & Yaht clubs, this 2012 season it  is being seen everywhere from clothes & accessories to the home. 

Havana Clutch By J.Crew $88.00

Kain Skirt  Bloomingdales $168.00

Forever21 Seaside Dress $24.80

Beach Bunny Bikini $175

Chanel Braclet

Eugenia Kim Nautical Knot Fedora $265

DIY Anchor Bracelet

The Porchstripe Turnstile Tote By Madwell $128

Pottery Barn

Nautical Pillows by William Sonoma

Anchor Door Knocker - The Brass Gallery $58.00

Striped Rug - Shades of Light 9x12 $738.00

Royal Marine Tripod $1250.00

Clayton Gray Hom 20" pillow $195

The way to work the Nautical & Stripe look is in moderation. Do not use more than 2 themed pieces in one look or space or you will be yelling MAYDAY! Accent the navy's & blues with reds & accent the neutral tones with coral & white to give it that POP of color & that real nautical feel.

Anchor's Away!

Design Your Life~ DDByG

April 11, 2012

My "IT" List Right Now

I am loving the bold colors that are popping up all over the place this season. You see these trends everywhere in fashion from jeans & bags to shoes & belts. Color is making a statement this season & it is making a huge impact in the interior design world. These are my top must haves this season for your home. I would mix & match...I want them all!

 Bold Wingback Chair
 (paired with chevron rug & there's your pop!)

Modern Chevron Pillow

 Wallpaper Ceilings

Yellow Lamp Shade

 Green Square Indoor/ Outdoor Pouf

 Nautical Roping

Colorful Front Door With Whimsical Door Knocker

Deisgn Your Life ~ DDByG

April 10, 2012

Design Candy

I find inspiration for design in all areas of my life.  A good amount of my inspiration comes from fashion. While looking for gold bracelets for my bridesmaids last night I came across this Arm Candy.

 Not only is stacking different bracelets & mixed leather with metal on trend right now but it also inspired me to mix materials. Needless to say, the jewelry search ended.

 I added glam & an equal mix of hard  lines & soft materials to a current redesign of a neutral pallet filled with texture and luxe.

The end result will be a room filled with DESIGN EYE CANDY.

Design Your Life ~ G