January 26, 2013

Not Your Nana's Apothecary Jar

The word Apothecary makes me thing of the old pharmacy down the street from my grandparents house in Milton, MA. You know the one, the mothball smelling store that you would buy hubba bubba & lemon heads in while your nana talked to Mr. Wilson the pharmacist for 15 minutes about each member of the family.

Although those times are long gone, the apothecary jar is still around & now used for much more that the standard cotton balls. Here's some inspiration how you can style an apothecary jar in each room of your home. The options are endless really.

There are so many options and these glass jars can even be painted if you strictly want to use them for storage but don't want to be able to se into them! 

Just spray paint or acrylic paint them from the inside for a clean look! These by Madiganmade came out great. I am going to try this in Emerald Green!

Design Your Life! ~ G

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