January 27, 2013


I love leftovers. Not just leftovers like chinese food or mac n'cheese (although I do love them both better then next day) but textile leftovers. Fabric especially. 

I have been wanting to update the artwork I have on the wall in my office behind my desk. I wasn't really feelin' it anymore but I really didn't want to go out & purchase 2 new pieces of art so I spent 20 mins on a DIY project.

I had this shower curtain left over from a clients bathroom redo that never go used. I kept it because I loved the print but neither of our bathrooms can use curtains since they have glass doors.

  I put it with the rest of the accessories & supplies I have left over.  I thought about what art I would like in the frames and since I have black & white accessories with my sea foam color office I thought that I would put up something black & white. I do like ikat style chevron print, maybe I could......oh yeah, I have that shower curtain!

I measured out the matte in the frame placed my fabric on top. I then measured the fabric to ensure I had the right dimensions  before marking the fabric with a pen so I knew where to start cutting. 

I cut the fabric to size. It had been sitting on a shelf folded so I quickly ironed out the creases and placed the fabric in the frame face down. I ensured there was not bunching and tabbed the back of the frame shut. It was secure.

I cut another piece of fabric & repeated the steps. This is what I came up with. 

It was so quick & easy I did it again right after with another fabric for one of our guest rooms ( I already had the supplies out so why not)!

I love these fabrics. They are both modern & colorful! I still have enough of each fabric left over to make matching pillows. The things that excite me ;) 


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