January 23, 2013


I love design on a budget, who doesn't? What I love even more is bringing your originality into these designs. I am a designer and look at furniture all day long so if I see a table in someone's home chances are I know it came from Crate & Barrel or West Elm. What I love is that I also know when pieces come from IKEA, except when they have a twist on them like these AH-MAZING IKEA hacks.....

First up, the Lack table. $7.99. I love this side table. I have 3 of them in my home. This is how you pull off the lack side table look with some corbets from Home Depot & wood glue. Sand, paint (I recommend a glossy finish) and Whallah, you got yourself a one of a kind side table that looks a lot more expensive than it is!
(House Beautiful)
My Favorite of all time is the Clayton Grey look-a-like but for $400 less!
2 tables for $14.00 and nail heads. Ikea Hackers

 Next is the Rast. For $34.99 you can completely transform this 3 drawer mini dresser into a chest for your bedroom, office or entrance way. Great for storing clothing or other items. With a little embellishments you can let your creativity flow. Here are a few of my favorite Rast Hack looks.

Rast Hacks From top to bottom: For Chic's Sake, Design Manifest, Courtney Out Loud, Jaxdoesdesign.blogspot.com

Now go ahead, I know you are going to jump to the ikea website or put on your shoes & go... GO! I'm on my way too! Maybe I'll see ya there!

Design Your Life! ~G

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