January 31, 2013

Lucite Isn't Just For Stripper's Shoes....

Decorating small spaces is challenging.  Space planning & color is huge in this type of design. It's all about trickery of the eye. So how do you trick the eye to feel larger? Lucite!  Lucite is very on trend right now for interior design & is key in designing in small spaces.

How the trickery works... When your eye is able to see through something it makes the space appear larger because your eye doesn't stop. It continues on gazing over the space. Think of it like this. Dancers use shoes made of lucite,  making their legs appear longer & leaner because they look taller. 

I am crushing on lucite in designing. It is modern with a bit of contemporary but gives a dash of GLAM!  Small spaces aren't the only times to use it! Use lucite in any room with any decor. I promise ...it works! Plus you get two results in one! I mean, who doesn't like Two-fers?

 Loving Lucite!


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