February 7, 2013

Rocky Mountain High...

What's old is new again and guess what?? Brass is back people!!

I am a HUGE fan of the one passe trend. Currently  in a kitchen re-design I am working on  I am going full throttle on this brass/gold motif for the hardware. It's perfect to mix and match with many metals & stainless steel is no different. It's just a hint of sparkle & glam with just the little touches.

Rocky Mountain Hardware is an amazing hardware company that has great traditional yet very modern styles with amazing quality.   I haven't found many that currently compete.  I go gaga for gold/brass in the kitchen and here are a few examples that will get you going gaga too!

Farmhouse Sink

no caption needed...drool.


Push/Pull Handles with leather grip 

Charlie Pendant

Echo Sconce

Interior Doors
Tile (Blush)

Bloom (blk) Dots(wht)  Back splash 
Brut Catch Pull

Rail Towel Bar

All photos are courtesy of Rocky Mountain Hardware unless otherwise stated.

RMH doesn't just carry hardware for kitchen & bath, they also offer everything from custom lighting  to window casings and home accessories. Want brass house numbers or a game of horseshoes? Yup, they got it! 

I hope this post has inspired you to embrace this brass trend. I am sold!


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