February 3, 2013

Almalfi Dreaming

It's Sunday so I am taking a day off of blogging about design & styling to divulge into my dream vacation...This is how it began.

My father and I always spoke of traveling to Italy together to visit the coast where my grandparents grew up & lived until the 1930's when they came to America. He spoke about a town called Vico Equense which is a town inside of Avellino on the Almalfi coast.  This is the town where my grandparents met and fell in love, where my grandfather learned to make ricotta and mozarella cheese from the jesuits. This is the same town where my grandfather became exporting olive oil & italian tomatoes into America. 

Joe (my father) spoke fluent Italian so he would be the perfect sidekick. He always said that when we go, I will be coming home alone because he won't ever want to leave.

Vico Equense

Unfortunately that trip never happened as my father passed away in 2009 after a long battle with cancer. My dream to go hasn't gone with him and the desire is only getting stronger.  Although I always talked of going with my dad, it is my husband now that will be traveling with me. 

My husband never got the chance to meet my dad as he passed 8 months before we met. 
We got married in Mexico in late 2012 and because we had a destination wedding we never took an actually honeymoon. This is what I want for a honeymoon. Ten days of roaming the beautiful coast of Italy and experiencing what my father never was able to all while showing my husband my heritage and where one half of my family is from. This is a dream that will happen!

Can you really get any more gorgeous than this?  

Italy is a place I have only seen in pictures & have only imagined in my mind. The beauty of the country inspires me. My family was very lucky to have lived in such a majestic place. I look forward to traveling to the place my father calls Heaven soon. I hope this is what his heaven is like.


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  1. Love the new blog Gina! This is such a lovely post :)