February 8, 2013

Friday Favorite

ZGallerie is the perfect feature site for today's Friday Favorites.

With a great selection of new arrivals just in and just in time for the spring, the collection is
bright, full of pattern and has lots of texture.

I fell in love with ZGallerie  a long time ago when I came across the store in Florida while visiting my parents.  Although I wish I was in Palm Beach strolling the isles of the store, I am shopping online for a client in the comfort of my own home.   (If anyone is on the east coast from New York to Boston we are getting hit HARD with about 2 feet of snow today)Spring is right around the corner, right!??

So get that coffee brewed and let's get into our little ZGallerie cocoon. I promise you will forget what's going on outside, for a few minutes anyway :)


Go ahead... When your done shopping, EAT that candy!  Just think, you'll work  it off with all the shoveling you have to do soon...Just don't eat the yellow snow!


All photos from ZGALLERIE unless otherwise stated.

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