February 1, 2013

Shell Shocked!

Move Over Zebra & Leopard, the Tortoise is here!

Animal print has been all the rage again for over a year now. The trend comes & goes. We designers always like to work with it no matter the trend because we love it but a new trend we are cursing on is Tortoise.

Used in both interiors & fashion styling, it's soft, textured & neutral tones lend it to go with just about any design.  Not always made of actual tortoise shell it is also the coloring of the tortoise which it is named after. Let the drooling begin....

Spring 2013 you will see this trend develop even more so. A lot of people use this trend in moderation. In fashion you will mostly see it in sunglasses & watches. Tortoise is masculine too so don't be afraid to use it! Tortoise is far better than the Hare!


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