September 21, 2011

Oooh La La Lighting...

As I sip my morning coffee and enjoy my "me" time I flip through the pages of my newly delivered Elle Decor magazine. Not only am I flipping through the pages but I am flipping over the beautiful designs I am seeing all created by lighting! Lighting can make a huge impact in a space but not only does the light create the impact but the actual light bulb is housed in such decoration and beauty that it, alone creates impact.

Most impact lighting you see hangs from the ceiling. Today there are so many options for Chandeliers that it is often very difficult to make a decision on what look you are really going for. The most common type of chandelier is the regal, glamorous crystal chandelier.

The more crystals the more the light will reflect off of them and create glamour. The ambiance you find in when you walk into an entryway or over a dining room table.  

Another form of a chandelier is the new shaded ceiling lighting. Still elegant it creates a little more drama and elegance. This chandelier still has the crystals that reflect the light but the shade creates shadow above the light adding dimension.  Shades for these chandelieres come in all shapes and colors  and textures so that you can find the right piece to coordinate with your decor.

Some ultra modern chandeliers create such a statement in a room that it ends up being your main focal point.

Ether 9s  makes a statement. With glass balls that hang down they will reflect and draw the light throughout the chandelier and create mega drama.

Niche Sola 36 Modern Chandelier
Relaxed drama with this smoky gray blue glass surround with warm amber glow from within.

If you really want to add mega glam this Medusa Chandelier by Slamp will make that impact. Deep, Dark and mysteriously elegant this will be an eye catcher and conversation starter. Great in a room that is loaded with glamour and contrasting color.

Another type of ceiling light is the Pendent light. This light can be used alone or in multiples. Most of the time you will see pendent lighting over an island in a kitchen or over a bar area. They come in all shapes and sizes and today's pendent lighting comes in an array of styles. Some of the newest pendent lighting is very modern and industrial. Hubbardton Forge carries many different styles.

Airis Pendant $481.00

Right now, I am so inspired by Niche Lighting. They carry such great modern design for pendant lighting. The glass comes in many different shapes and colors and create a warm atmosphere no matter what room you use these pendants in.

Aurora Modern Pendant By Niche
Bella Modern Pendant By Niche $595.00

Here are some more pendant lights from Niche that are eye catching!

Niche 3 Modern Pendant Light

Niche 6 Modern Pendant Light

Drama Drama Drama with this Clink Small Pendant Light by Innermost. Great for over a dark bar area or over a modern kitchen island.  $1448.00

This Giuko Pendant light by I Tre ($2000.00) creates a statement. Modern and soft at the same time.

This Le Klint Pendant is great for closets and also works great when hung in multiples. I see a lot of these pendant lights in high end stores accentuating beautiful clothing in their store fronts. ( $658.00)

Lighting can make a huge impact just being on a side table.

Niche Modern Table Lamp

Axis Table Lamp by Hubbarton Forge  sells retail for $667.00
This lamp comes in 2 colors and also has a floor lamp option.

Claridige Table Lamp By Jonathan Adler $650

Luz Oculta Wood Shade Table Lamp by Blauet sells for $720.00
This lamp also comes in a floor lamp.

Weegee Small Table Lamp by Lights Up $120.00
This has many different shade options with either a pattern or solid colors

Niki Table Lamp by Lights Up $254.00
This tall table lamp comes in many different colors and patters for the shade and the base has optional colors to choose from!

Mite Floor Lamp by Foscarini $1594.00
This floor lamp also acts as an art piece. Perfect piece for the odd dark corner of the room that you just don't know what to do with.

Tripod Floor Lamp by Santa & Cole $1080.00

Perno Floor Lamp by Sonneman Lighting $975.00
This floor lamp comes in Satin Nickel, Polished Nickel or Black Brass

Steel Arc Floor Lamp by  &'Costa $5532.30

 Whatever your budget you can create drama in your living space with lighting. You don't need to spend a fortune to do so. These lights are worth the money but if your budget is on a smaller scale use these pieces as inspiration and use your creativity to recreate these looks by mixing and matching shades and bases. It can be done. You too can use lighting to Design Your Life!


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