September 8, 2011

Black & White Design

So you think that black and white design is, well as boring as black & white? I disagree. I love the look of a black & white room if designed correctly. It can be elegant, comfortable & warm. Just a pop if color can add just the right amount of drama to a space without making the room to over the top.

Baker Design Group got it right with these 2 designs.

Just a hint of green in the flowers adds just the right about of color.

The turquoise mirror and vase add a pop to this textured seating area.

This room feels clean and sophisticated with just a hint of brown and burnt orange.

You can also incorporate black & white in just one accent wall of wallpaper.

If you like the minimilist look of black & white don't be afraid to try it.  Just remember in to keep it to one room or area in the house & use it in modertion. Make sure that if your room is not well lit to carry the white throughout the room and incorporate the black in accessories and rugs. Don't forget to add a pop of color to add drama!

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