June 17, 2013

This Past Week In Review...

This past week has been a busy one. It hadn't left much time for me to blog but it was nice to have a little vacation. The southerner's came to visit us from South Carolina and ya'll did we have a good time!

When I say "the southerners" I am referring to Derek's cousins. They live just outside Charleston South Carolina and boy did they bring a lot of fun up to Boston this week!  The weather hadn't panned out as we had hoped but we did get a few good 80 degree weather days.  Wednesday was the perfect day to spend in Boston. Derek and I took in the fun of being tourists, even in our own city. 

We had some lunch on Newbury Street and once we had our bellies full, we had our energy for the next 3 hours of shopping. We walked Newbury Street for a few hours and then the guys ditched us to go enjoy some sangria (there is only so much shopping Derek will do) as we continued onto Copley. Once our shopping excursion was over we hit the original and famous Boston Duck Tour. 

Boston from the Charles River on our Duck Tour.

 Then on Friday we had a Baran / Robinson Family Lobster Bake at our house. Derek went diving for lobsters during the day (we did a little more shopping) and when we returned they had just arrived home ready to start cooking.

George investigating a lobster for the first time. 

We mixed corn, mussels, little neck clams, sausage, potatoes, oranges, lemons and of course lobster into the 6 gallon pot and let it cook. There was one other recipe but it's a Baran family secret so I can divulge ;)

This the the Lobster Bake when it was done and ready to eat!

A photo of the ladies. L to R. Melissa, Margaret, Dawn, Page, Julie & I enjoying a glass of wine before the feast ( thanks for sharing the photo Paige!)

 Saturday was our day out on Day's Off.  We piled 11 of us onto Frank and Margaret's boat and hit the water. We went to Gloucester, down the Annisquam river, back out into the ocean into Salem to pick up some more family that were in from Florida and then to Marblehead for dinner.

So beautiful out on the water.

Sailboats sailing around Baker's Island

George passed out in my arms.

The Baran/Robinson Clan all together in Marblehead Harbor after a delicious dinner! Photo courtesy of Melissa :)
We had such a wonderful week ya'll!


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