June 18, 2013

Happy Chic

I love great home decor finds on the cheap and I especially love when the decor finds are by some of the designers I love. The Happy Chic line Jonathan Adler created for JC Penney is exactly one of those fabulous finds.

JC Penney is revamping their look bringing fresh, new and modern designs to their store in the home decor end. I have always liked their off the shelf window treatments but they have really hit the mark by bringing in Jonathan Adler.  His bright and cheery designs fill the pages of some very prestigious design magazines but those designs also come with a price tag to match. Now you can get the same look for a lot less. It's like being a baller on a budget!

Here are just some the items I am loving from his line.

I recommend perusing the site. You'll be inspired by the bold colors and patterns of Jonathan Adler's design. 

"A chic home makes you happy and a happy home makes you chic" Jonathan Adler


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