May 14, 2013

Adorning Greek Key

Pattern trends come and pattern trends go... just like anything , what was on trend slowly dies but one trend has stayed constant and that is Greek Key. I get excited over this pattern. It has been around for decades and although it isn't used with every design style, it is a CLASSIC!  

The home I share with my husband was built in 1958 and was loaded with Greek Key. I say was reluctantly as we got rid of it, the only reason being is it wasn't in the most flattering of colors (avocado green & unflattering pink).

I am currently using this pattern in a design for a client in her master bathroom. While searching for inspiration I started to go crazy over the print even more so and created an entire Pinterest board of it!  I realized 2 things.   1.) I tend to like Greek Key in mostly neutral colors and  2.) I need that throw blanket!

Here are some Greek Key decor, rooms &  pieces I die over!

So next time you are thinking about adding some pattern play into your decor, think Greek Key, it's the key to a lasting, timeless statement!



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