April 19, 2013

Outdoor Oasis

Who is loving this time of year? Especially those of us in New England! Our winter was LONG and finally all the snow has melted. I love the warm sun shining, hearing the birds chirping & seeing that green grass grow!  It brings a feeling of renewal, starting over and have that hop in your step. Spring is here..FINALLY!

With the spring time arriving comes the outdoor maintenance, all the stuff you have put off for the last 7 months. Although I love designing for my clients, I am truly looking forward to putting my design skills to work on our own backyard. I can't wait to plant the garden, spruce up the front yard with fresh flowers, adding new accessories to the backyard and making the oasis we will enjoy spending our free time.

My colors scheme this year is very neutral. Tans, whites, brown & black with pops of green. Calming, serene and classic is the look I am going for. I am the ultimate deal shopper when it comes to these things. I spent so little money that you wouldn't believe me when I told you. Let's just say I got 4 pillows, a 10ft umbrella, 2 lanterns, and a 5x8 rug for under $200. Yes, that means no guilt if I decide next year to change it up a little, which we both know I will do ;)
Here is an idea of the color scheme. The patterns I am using are more modern. No floral although I do love stripes!

 Our big purchase this year was the gazebo. We were planning on building a pergola off the back of our home but this year neither of us really have the time to invest in building it so we decided to spend just about as much as it would cost to build one and bought a gazebo from Lowe's.  The good thing about this is it will only take Derek a few hours to put it up rather than a few days to build and paint a pergola (always looking out for my husband- wink).

Styling and putting the space together is the fun part. We are placing this by the pool so that we can sit in the shade, sip our drinks and watch our chocolate lab jump into the pool over & over & over again.....I can't wait!

What are you looking forward to do to your own outdoors? Whether you have a back yard or a porch or a patio, always bring the design of your home out & expand your living space.  Our soul loves the vitaminD.

Design Your Life!


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