July 1, 2013

Coffee Table Styling

Who doesn't love a well styled coffee table? I do! Shocker? Not just because I am a designer but because they can be so personal to each individual. You place what you love on the coffee table, for every guest to see. It's not just a place to lay your remote.

I am currently styling a coffee table for a client that has very modern home but wants to bring in a side of shabby chic! What a combo and I think it's going to be a perfect mix. The table is going to be so fun to style. I already have so many ideas and can't wait to put it together.   Here are some of  my favorite table styling for you all to drool over, oh and get a little inspired too!

Lucite, Zebra & Magenta = Amazing styling

I love how soft and serene this room is. The table is a bit modern but the black legs and right angles work perfect. The elements selected really soften the hard lines.

This mirrored tray is everything. I love it mixed with the pop of yellow fabric on the ottoman below.

Books & Hydrangeas. Nothing else needed.

Sexy set. I love the small vase. The table mixed with the vase brings a lot of texture.

GLAM. gold, white & pink. What kind of candies are those?

I love this porcupine book topper. Fun. It would keep my dogs off the table too!

Normally I would say to take an item away but in this case the mix of all the books works. I love the white candles in the mixed levels of hurricane vases.

This is some of the items I would put on my coffee table if I were to style it....Again.

Back to work....I am definitely inspired!


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  1. I love the glam one - it's SO me! They're all beautiful!