June 3, 2013

My (Not So Green) Thumb

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! Can you believe it's Monday already? It always comes too soon. The weather here in Boston was gorgeous this weekend. It was sunny with lots of humidity and although it was somewhat oppressive at times I am not complaining. Sure the frizz factor stinks but I'll put my hair up in a bun any day to have the warmth & sunshine! Bring the heat!

I spent most of my weekend outdoors working on the yard. I had my mom here to help me earlier in the week. She loves to garden and I love to decorate so it's a great team! We spent several hours selecting flowers and veggies and even got some tropical trees for the pool area.

The front yard is just about done with planting so I will update those pics in the next week but for now here is how the backyard is looking so far.


(Lettuce, Broccoli, 3 kinds of peppers, string beans, eggplant, parsley, 2 kinds of tomatos, basil, zucchini & cucumners). 

Sitting Areas

Lounging Area (you can see my fun tropical tree in the white planter) Just need to pick the perfect outdoor rug for under the lounge chairs.

My favorite spot to read and nap!

We made the bird feeder a little flower garden. We dumped out the water & filled it with soil. It's the perfect spot for my geraniums! There are also Dahlia's behind the bird feeder that bloom every year in mid June. They are the prettiest magenta color.

Bodi Swimming- she will go all day long!

While Bodi went swimming, George & I  took a little time out to get our tan on, even if it was for only 30 minutes today.

My husband and I really enjoy spending our free time (when we have some) outside. We love to just sit by the pool with a ice cold drink and chill with our pups and we also love to have cookouts. I think our house is just about ready for the summer cookout season to begin!


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  1. Great photo's of your backyard. Love your style and colors too!! Keep up the good work and keep giving us great ideas to inspire us in the makeovers that we'd all love to do. I'm finally getting motivated :+}