June 5, 2013


Just like in designing a room, the little details can make a big statement as can the right piece of jewelry to an outfit. I am always in search of great new pieces. I love big jewelry as well as dainty pieces. I mix trendy with classic pieces. I mean who doesn't like a nice set of studs?

These are a few of my favorite pieces right now. Some I have and others I have on my wish list (hint hint Derek if you are reading this).  Of course all my favorites are gold :)

1. |  2. |  3. |  4. |  5. |  6. |  7. |  8. |  9. 

I die over this Tom Ford Bracelet...I mean it's only  $1,930.... You have to call to order it so I can't even put the link up. I immediately start singing "You fancy huh?" when I see this beauty.

I did settle for this little number though. I love the wishbone. It's really dainty.

So as you can see I love gold (white and yellow but mainly yellow right now) and I am really gravitating towards blush, emerald and other shades of green this season when it comes to bobbles. I am into layering necklaces and bracelets and will always love my hoop earrings, they are a staple!

What style jewelry are you loving for Spring/Summer 2013? 

On a side note. Have you checked out Glossy Blonde blog? Niki is a friend that I have known since our days at NAHS (I mean where does the time go?) and we have reconnected through blogging. I am so happy to have gotten back in touch with her. Niki is such a great girl and really has some great tips and styling on her blog. She even has a  YouTube channel where she has recipes, monthly favorites and hauls. Who doesn't like a good haul? She models some great outfits and the best thing about it is her husband takes all her fashion pics. Gotta love love! Check her out and keep your eye out for her on my Appareled Abode segment soon!

Speaking of Appareled Abode, I got the copyright and am thrilled.



  1. Green is my favorite color right now. That green and gold ring is awesome and I like the drop earrings also. All the jewelry is beautiful.

  2. I've always loved green's and shades of jade green and emerald green have been among my favorite colors for years. I like pieces that combine yellow and white gold and have for many, many years - well before it was in vogue in the US. It's nice to see yellow gold return, now I can unpack some pieces that I haven't worn in years.

    1. Emerald is the Pantone color of the year. Yes, I am happy yellow gold is back too. Although my silver jewelry isn't getting much wear lately.

  3. You are so sweet, thank you south for mentioning me!!! I love all of your jewelry pics (and now you have me dying over that Tom Ford bracelet too)!

    1. Ugh I'm on my iPhone. I meant to say "so much."

    2. That bracelet is to die, right? I feel it's very Rachel Zoe in a way.