May 23, 2013

Girls Week Begins!

My favorite woman is coming to town today! Yup, my mom Karen.  I am so excited to have her staying with us for the week. 

 She lives in West Palm Beach (start feeling sorry for her now) enjoying the retired life (yawn) with my stepdad Ed and their Boston Terrier Louie.  Well, he is their dog now but he he was my dog they adopted after taking him to Florida for the winter 4 years ago and refusing to bring him back.

  So between golfing (they live on a golf course but who doesn't in Florida), animals, (which includes a dog, 2 parrots, some wild ducks & cat they feed) and their social gatherings,  it's needless to they are enjoying themselves. Being 1500 miles away has it's advantages and disadvantages. Of course Derek and I love to go visit them, especially in the cold winter months when we are pasty & need some vitamin D but due to the latter our quality time has dwindled since they moved south and we only see each other 4-5 times a year max.  

She's in for a treat, I'm putting her to work! I mean, that's what daughter's do, right?  She will be my design assistant one day, a gardener another because she has the greenest thumb around, my shopping buddy because she is really good at it but I honestly think secretly her real reason for coming is to meet George our french bulldog! She has only seen him in videos, photos & face time calls . I can't wait for her to meet him, I mean he is her grandpuppy. She may try to "adopt" him too, remember what happened to Louie?  ;)

Here are some photos from our destination wedding to Puerto Vallarta Mexico in November. Isn't she gorg? I only hope I age like her. Stunner! 

Mom & Ed

Getting ready to get married

The Fam

Lots more pics to come of our week together. We need some updated ones!


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