May 30, 2013

Appareled Abode

As many of you know, fashion inspires me when creating interior designs. I love getting ideas to decorate homes through many outlets. Not only interior design and decor magazines but also from flipping through fashion mags, reading fashion blogs and of course perusing Pinterest. With this inspiration I have started a new series for the blog called....

Once a week, Appareled Abode with take outfits/garments and show you how to use them as a muse to style your home. I will select the outfit or garment piece and design a room based around it.  

Love the outfit? Love the room? Well your in luck because all the items included in both the outfit and decor will be listed after each post. 

Do you have a "go to" piece in your closet that you love or an outfit that inspires you?  I offer this service to my clients so contact me and I would be happy to assist you in creating your space to reflect your personal style. This is just another way I hope to help inspire you to
  Design Your Life!

Stayed tuned.....the first Appareled Abode is in the works as we speak! 



  1. So fun! I have a series just like this that I started recently called Paper to Party, my personal style is so very much inspired by my work!

    1. That sounds like a great series & I really like the name. I can't wait to see it on your blog! Great minds ;)

    2. It was already on my blog beginning of May!