April 22, 2012


Stripes...stripes... & more stripes. I can't get enough of the stripe & nautical trend this spring/summer season. It brings a great feel & can be  casual & laid back or luxe.  This Stripe/ Nautical look isn't just for boats & Yaht clubs, this 2012 season it  is being seen everywhere from clothes & accessories to the home. 

Havana Clutch By J.Crew $88.00

Kain Skirt  Bloomingdales $168.00

Forever21 Seaside Dress $24.80

Beach Bunny Bikini $175

Chanel Braclet

Eugenia Kim Nautical Knot Fedora $265

DIY Anchor Bracelet

The Porchstripe Turnstile Tote By Madwell $128

Pottery Barn

Nautical Pillows by William Sonoma

Anchor Door Knocker - The Brass Gallery $58.00

Striped Rug - Shades of Light 9x12 $738.00

Royal Marine Tripod $1250.00

Clayton Gray Hom 20" pillow $195

The way to work the Nautical & Stripe look is in moderation. Do not use more than 2 themed pieces in one look or space or you will be yelling MAYDAY! Accent the navy's & blues with reds & accent the neutral tones with coral & white to give it that POP of color & that real nautical feel.

Anchor's Away!

Design Your Life~ DDByG

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